Our Banner

The 77th Pathfinders Banner

The banner for the 77th Pathfinders was made by Anne just before the "Bring a Friend" camp in January 1998.

The embroidery "77th Pathfinders" was completed by Anne's mom (Oma Kaak) of Orillia, Ontario.

Anne completed the blanket stitching around the outside and her hubby Wayne cut and drilled the dowelling.

* * Thanks to all! * *

Norlon Division:  In 1998 our unit was part of Norlon Division and we were the 77th London Pathfinders, Northbrook District, Norlon Division, Trillium Area, Ontario, Canada.  Now we are known as the 77th London Pathfinders, Ontario Council, Canada.

GSCNC National Capital: we received this crest from Junior Troop 3471 from Alexandria, Virginia for hosting their mascot Gilligan in January 1998.

Canada Pin and GSUSA 2000:  we received the Girl Scouts USA 2000 button from a unit from the US who we traded letters with. The US Girl Scouts wear the button with their years of service pin so we put the Canada Pin on it.

Girl Scouts Joshua Tree Council: this crest is from Troop 495 of Edwards Air Force Base, California. We were supposed to host their mascot Callie the butterfly but she never arrived so they sent us a crest.
They call it a Council Patch and it shows their landscape - the Mojave Desert in S.California at the base of  the San Gabriel mountains. The tree is the Joshua Tree: it can live without much water, and during years with lots of rain, it has beautiful blooms. Edwards Air Force Base is where the space shuttles originally landed.

Pathfinders 1979-1999: the crest represents the 20th anniversary of Pathfinders in Canada.

Ontario Arts Challenges: Bluenose, White Water, Tall Peaks and Northern Lights - for each challenge we completed activities in music, drama, crafts and dance. All of the crests represent areas of Canada - Bluenose = Maritimes; White Water = Quebec & Ontario; Tall Peaks = Prairies, Mountains and West Coast; and Northern Lights = the Territories.
We completed Bluenose in 1997, White Water in 1998, Tall Peaks in 1999 and Northern Lights in 2000.

Pathfinder Sleepover 1999: we received buttons for this event and scanned a button onto iron-on paper to make this crest.

Girl Guides of Canada Camp Dahinda: we camped there first in May 1998. It was located near Arkona and the Rock Glen Falls.  Sadly it is now closed.

Girl Guides Peterborough: this crest came from our past leader Carolyn who hails from Peterborough.

Camp Orenda: we camped their first in May 1999. A great Girl Guide camp.

Canada Goose: represents the Shady Pines campground near Ailsa Craig where we camped when we went horse back riding at Camp Craig.

Camp Kah Ne Do: built by Norlon Division and holds a special place for us. Kah Ne Do means "among the pins"and this lovely camp is built among the pines. The large crest represents the first time camping there and the small tree crest is added each time you return to camp there.

Camp Peaukoutikitawin: we camped there in March 2000 with the 55th Pathfinders. Sadly it is now closed.

Winter Magic: these are the crests we get when we go *tubing* ! !

Camp Kirkton: we camped there in late March 2003 for our Be Prepared theme camp. Sadly it is now closed.

Ottawa Winterlude: in February 2003 we travelled by train to Winterlude in Ottawa and met up with a Pathfinder unit there.  Check out Our History for photos.

Girl Scouts Sisters, Girl Scouts USA, Girl Scout Council Greater Long Beach: received from pen pals in Troop 265 of GSUSA - their letter to us is on the Our History page.

17th Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee (DIBC) 2004: this camp is open to Scouting and Guiding members in Canada and the US and is quite popular!

DIBC Ribbons: received in 2004 and 2005.

Guiding is Tree-Mendous: commemorates our participation in local tree planting activities.

Earth Day 2004: we took part in Earth Day activities in our local community.