Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Your Guiders: Laura

We sent a mini survey to your leaders and Laura completed hers at the zoo - here's what she had to say!

1.  What is your favourite Girl Guide cookie?  chocolate
2.   What is your favourite Girl Guide song?  Pink Pajamas
3.  Have you been to a Girl Guide camp outside of Ontario?  Where and when?  yes - SOAR, BC in 2001
4.  How old were you when you started Guiding? What level was it?  Brownies / Grade 1
5.  What is your favourite memory of something you learned at Girl Guides?
Building fires
6.   What food have you had at camp that you hope you’ll never ever ever eat again!?  nothing
7.   What is your favourite colour?  pink
8.  Do you have a pet? What is it and it’s name?  no pets :(
9.   What one place have you travelled to that you’d like to return to?  Australia
10.  Where would you like to travel to that you’ve never been?  South America
11.   What is your favourite cartoon?  Care Bears
12.   What is your favourite beverage at Timmie’s?  Hot Chocolate

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We Visited the Toronto Zoo!

Yes, we could see the sunrise on the horizon as we left London in the wee morning hours ....

And it was so worth it!
The zoo was great!
The girls were wonderful!
It was an amazing day!

Watch your email for a link to a picasa web album so you can download the zoo photos.
And if you have zoo photos, send them to Anne to be added to the picasa web album.