Saturday, November 10, 2012

77th Pathfinders Head to Ottawa

Some of our Pathfinders are in Ottawa this weekend to volunteer at the National Remembrance Day Service. 
Hopefully our unit has many more such opportunities and more of our girls will be able to take part.

Click here for original article in the London Community News

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kick Start - Bike Hike & Deer

Thanks to Zara for her good eyes!

I didn't have my camera ready, but if you look real close you can see the 2 deer that Zara spotted in this photo.

And here are all the girls, including the 64th Guides and our Leaders, on our bike hike.

We're off to a great start.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pathfinder Camp .. in Pictures



gold campers

gold campers

all the gold campers


fish in her "nest"

another dragonfly

CAN YOU FIND THE FROG?  (click to enlarge)

CAN YOU FIND THE FROG?  (click to enlarge)

facebook post from Miss Canada

Sunday, June 03, 2012

We helped at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration in London

We helped at the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration in London

London, Ontario, that is.  Not London, England.

The LARGE cake before we cut and served.

Miss Canada - did you know she was a SPARK?  :)  She remembers the pink uniform tshirt!
 Jaclyn Miles - Miss Canada 2012, was in attendance - she remembers being a member of Girl Guides when she was in SPARKS - she remembers the pink uniform tshirt.  She asked us to come see her on Canada Day, July 1st, at Harris Park.  Be sure to look for her if you go! 

Girl Guide volunteers - Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers

with the Army bear mascot (sadly we didn't have Olave, our bear, there to meet him)
 We had the opportunity to have our photo taken several times before the event began!!

We met Mary, a Junior Scout in GSUSA
visiting from Texas - she gave us peanut butter cookies
to try! So we'll taste them at camp!  Thanks Mary!

CTV news crew ... we casually walked
where they were filming and we'll have to see
if we're on the news!!

Green Icing on the cake for Pathfinders!! 

And we had a chance to have a piece of cake, and to serve cake to those seated watching the event.

Miss Canada and the MC addressing the crowd.

Did you watch the CTV local news? There were Melissa & Rachel, waving the Queens Jubilee flags!!  Way to go!!
Cutting and Serving the cake.

The Beal Choir.

No cake left ... except the 2 pieces in her hand!

Essex & Kent Scottish Pipe and Drum band.
 Thanks girls, for all your hard work!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Your Guiders: Laura

We sent a mini survey to your leaders and Laura completed hers at the zoo - here's what she had to say!

1.  What is your favourite Girl Guide cookie?  chocolate
2.   What is your favourite Girl Guide song?  Pink Pajamas
3.  Have you been to a Girl Guide camp outside of Ontario?  Where and when?  yes - SOAR, BC in 2001
4.  How old were you when you started Guiding? What level was it?  Brownies / Grade 1
5.  What is your favourite memory of something you learned at Girl Guides?
Building fires
6.   What food have you had at camp that you hope you’ll never ever ever eat again!?  nothing
7.   What is your favourite colour?  pink
8.  Do you have a pet? What is it and it’s name?  no pets :(
9.   What one place have you travelled to that you’d like to return to?  Australia
10.  Where would you like to travel to that you’ve never been?  South America
11.   What is your favourite cartoon?  Care Bears
12.   What is your favourite beverage at Timmie’s?  Hot Chocolate

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We Visited the Toronto Zoo!

Yes, we could see the sunrise on the horizon as we left London in the wee morning hours ....

And it was so worth it!
The zoo was great!
The girls were wonderful!
It was an amazing day!

Watch your email for a link to a picasa web album so you can download the zoo photos.
And if you have zoo photos, send them to Anne to be added to the picasa web album.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cookies - door to door sales!!

The 77th Pathfinders hit the streets and sold Girl Guide cookies door to door today! 

Great work girls!!

If anyone is looking for more cookies, Cassie still has a few to sell so check with her please.

And remember, cookie money is due now!

This is so that we can input our figures for the Cookie All Stars and make sure everyone receives their credit for their sales.

Please turn your cookie money in to Laura as soon as possible - deadline is April 28th!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Girl Guide summer camps

Girl Guide Summer Camps

Girl Guide summer camps provide a great opportunity to keep the Guiding spirit going when Unit meetings finish! We encourage Members and non-Members to register to join us at one or more of our ten camps for fun-filled programming operating under the safe supervision of our talented volunteers and employees! Financial assistance is available for current GGC Members.

Just south of London is Camp Orenda where we offer affordable summer camping programs for girls for a few weeks during the summer as well. These camps are planned and implemented by wonderful GGC volunteers who ensure that everything is safe yet really fun!

If you'd like to travel to other parts of Ontario, there are many more camps to choose from! Just visit our Event Listing and Registration page for more information on the summer day camps and overnight camping events.

For Camps Orenda (London), or Bonita Glen (Orillia), Bryerswood (Windsor), Carruthers (Kingston), Conestogo (Listowel) and THRAC (Midhurst), be sure to select the "Local Specialty and Summer Camps" button on the event listing.

Camps Adelaide (Haliburton), Doe Lake (Huntsville), Woolsey (Ottawa) and Wyoka (Hanover) run programs throughout the summer. There are fun-filled, affordable traditional camp programs for girls only. These camps also host the very popular weekend and mid-week intergenerational programs for families (e.g. Mom & Me and Dad & Me) where the adult and child are both participants. If you are unable to drive to and from camp there are transportation options available. You can learn more about these Summer Camp programs by clicking here.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Who Sees Our Blog??

We started this blog in August 2011.

So, in the past 6 months, who has seen our blog?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thinking Day Penny Campfire

Thinking Day Penny Campfire

February 22, 2012

6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.

Westmount Shopping Centre, 785 Wonderland Rd S, London, ON

No cost

Come and celebrate the evening of World Thinking Day with us as we give thanks and appreciation for the international friendship we share within this organization.
The evening will be spent enjoying the celebration and singing for Guiding!

Please be sure to bring a sit-upon and your pennies, as we will be collecting for the World Friendship Fund.

This is NOT a UNIT EVENT - if you attend, please remain with your daughters.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make Friendship Bracelets for Sangam!

Sangam is one of the 4 World Centres!

They need YOUR help!

They're asking you to MAKE FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS and mail them to them - - they will then sell them to raise money.

Here is THE LINK for more information.

So make some bracelets and give them to Sheri or Laura or Anne - and Anne will mail them to India!