Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ottawa 2017 - Maki House

Ottawa 2017 

Maki House

Ottawa 2017 - CTV News

Ottawa 2017 

CTV News

Our group was beside the CTV crew.

Three girls from our bus were interviewed, including Kenna from our unit.

The above is the short clip showing the interview.

It was after the Remembrance Day service, 
before the barriers were taken down allowing everyone to move to 
the War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier.

Many many Guiders from across Canada saw this on tv on Saturday November 11 live from Ottawa.

There were many positive comments on Facebook by Guiders who were proud to see how well our girls spoke, and how well they represented Girl Guides of Canada.

Ottawa 2017 - Remembrance Day

Ottawa 2017

Remembrance Day

War Memorial

View to our right

View behind us before even more people showed up

Panoramic view

The arrival of the Silver Cross mother and her grandson.
(She is from Brampton and Anne's friend is friends with her)

Crowd putting poppies on the grave of the unknown soldier

Crowd putting poppies on the grave of the unknown soldier

with the Famous Five

Behind the Parliament Buildings with the Ottawa River behind us

Parliament Hill

Poppy Drop in the evening

Ottawa 2017 - Friday Arrival

Ottawa 2017 

November 10 to 12

Friday Arrival

Amazing Restrooms at the Bayshore mall.

Poutine in the Nation's Capital.